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Our expert violin and bow makers masterfully care for your restorations, repairs, and re-hairs.

To schedule an appointment for a restoration, repair, or re-hair please call (801) 364-3651 or email

Repair Estimates

All repair estimates are free.

Your repair options are clearly explained in a friendly and professional manner to help you make the best possible decision for your instrument or bow. We strive to complete repairs in a timely fashion and we prioritize your schedule requirements.


Since 1965, countless prominent and historic instruments and bows have been painstakingly restored in our workshop. We meticulously restore instruments in a way that not only conserves the original materials, but aligns with the craftsmanship of the original maker to enhance the value. At Peter Prier & Sons Violins, our foundational commitment is to preserve your instrument or bow as an individual work of art.


The demands placed on today's professional musicians are exciting and formidable. It is our life's work to help you surpass those demands, and to help you discover your instrument's finest sound and best state of preservation. Master violin and bow makers use classic restoration methods and modern technologies to enrich the sound quality and authenticity of your instrument.

Instrument Repair Services:

  • Crack repair
  • Sound-post adjustment or replacement
  • Peg work
  • String replacement
  • Professional instrument set up
  • Bridge re-shaping or replacement
  • French Polish
  • Neck repair
  • Bushings
  • Clean and polish
  • Bass bar installation and repair
  • Rare instrument restorations
  • All other repairs

Bow Repair Services:

  • Re-hairs with the highest quality professional hair
  • Windings and grips
  • Tips
  • Straighten and camber
  • Bushings
  • Varnish touch-up
  • Splines and grafts
  • Frog and stick repair
  • Rare bow restorations